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Sound Off about everything that pisses you off!

Welcome and Thank you for choosing Sound Off! Sound Off is a pay per minute phone service that provides a safe, legal, and confidential forum where users can vent out all of the stressors of life .. uncut.

Job sucks? Boss that is never satisfied? Spouse driving you off the wall? Useless coworkers and employees? Sometimes you want to yell and scream out your thoughts and honest feelings at that person…but you know you cannot- with Sound Off you can without any of the negative repercussions.

In society today people with pent up anger and frustrations about all the daily stresses of life are labeled as needing some kind of anger management therapy. They may also be guided down the path the pharmaceutical industry has built, or even more common, lead to a life filled with addiction. Stress, anger, frustration, these are tell-tale markers of what leads people to drink, smoke, gamble, etc.

In reality, most of the time really all one needs is a person to vent out those frustrations to- someone who listens.

Calling our service will connect you with one of our Sound Off operators eager to take your call. Operators can provide a range of services to users including speaking about concerning issues, role playing a boss or spouse to spout off your frustrations to, or even just be there to listen and remind you that no, in fact you are not crazy and yes everyone else is an idiot.

In a world where everyone is always watching everything people do, social media is rampant, gossip is almost a sport! Sound Offs commitment to confidentiality allows users to say the things they cannot say around their social circles without fear of negative recourse.

Get the stress release you deserve!
Give Sound Off a call today and receive 3 free minutes to try out this new and expanding service!!

DISCLAIMER: Sound Off provides an uncut forum for our users to express and release their frustration and angers by means of conversation, yelling, screaming, etc. We will always use the utmost professionalism and care to ensure the confidentiality of our users is maintained and that information spoken during a call remains between the user and the operator. With such a free space for users to sound off, this freedom requires ground rules: Threats will not be tolerated and if threats are deemed to be a legitimate threat to the well-being of another person we will alert the authorities. This is NOT a phone sex hotline and users seeking to use the service for such purposes will be banned. Cursing, screaming, and yelling are not only acceptable but encouraged for users of Sound Off, however it is ultimately up to the discretion of the Operator to determine whether a call is too out of hand to continue.
Sound Off is not a substitute for actual therapy nor are the operators licensed professionals in the field. Any advice given by operators is not medically binding nor should it be used in place of speaking to an actual professional. Neither Sound Off nor its operators are responsible for any negative consequences that result from advice or resolution given during a call. By using Sound Off services users agree to accept these terms and conditions.

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