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  • Minister in the Nation of Islam
  • Prison Reform Ministry
  • Certified Auditor in Dianetics
  • Motivational Speaker - Nationally and Internationally

Student Minister Rasul Muhammad @BrotherRasul

Specializes in Spiritual Guidance

Ministry of Love

All of my life Allah (God/Dios), has Blessed me with the natural ability to Inspire, Encourage and even Heal ill affected human beings, regardless of their creed, class or ethnicity by exhibiting and interacting on an interpersonal level with `Unconditional Love`.

From my early years traveling around the world, living in 3 different countries with my family under the great inspiration of my mother (Mother Tynnetta Muhammad) and the spiritual guidance of my father (The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad) also principally under the Divine tutelage of my mentor the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

I can bear testimony that the human being is no more knowledgeable of the cultural diversities within the human family, than one`s degree of association with them. This my parents and the example of the work of Minister Farrakhan afforded me from a very early age staying on Native American Reservations Lands, to the jungles of Southern Mexico, Africa, China, Japan, and New Zealand, including both the Caribbean Islands and the Hawaiian Islands of the South Pacific. Everywhere I`ve been the greatest NEED I`ve found in the human being beyond water, food, clothing and shelter is the need for GUIDANCE.

I have attempted to do this through my Prison Reform Ministries which began in 1983 to Couples Male/Female Relationships and Vocational Orientation to young and older people everywhere I`ve been, culminating with a National tour under the title of a Ministry of Love. My aim is to spiritually orientate disconnected human beings, reconcile broken relationships and repair with God`s help, the Human Heart.

Should you feel that my `State of Consciousness` and `Energies` may serve your needs to help you get back on your Divine track in this life and live it on sound Purpose... I`m awaiting your call. Ring, Ring!.. Is that you? :)

Oh, to my Spanish speaking family; Hablo perfectamente el Espanol! I`ve lived off and on in the country of Mexico traveling extensively through central America, South America, Puerto Rico, and Cuba for over 45 years.

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