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  • Certified Loveologist and Master Sexpert
  • Honorary Doctor of Divinty Degree

Love Dr. Pamela Smith

Specializes in Health & Diet Coaching

Relationship Solution Expert, Speaker, Author

Love Dr. Pamela Smith is the founder and CEO of Love Solutions Retreat & Tours, a relationship consulting services company helping organizations and colleges across the globe accomplish the state of male and female relationships. As an inspiring strategist and in-demand relationship solution trainer, powerful speaker and coach. Pamela has helped thousands of individuals and organizations around the world more effectively and efficiently giving solutions and strategies to having successful relationships. Recently, Dr. Pamela has been featured and named as a Honoree of Who`s Who in Black Atlanta 2016 and nationally recognized by NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX for the top in her field as a Relationship advocate and innovative solution expert. Pamela holds a Certificate in Loveology and Master Love Coach from Loveology University and Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree. NOW, presently known as the America`s Top Relationship Solution Expert. Author of "Are You Love Naked" and "Real High School and College Sex Education- Abstinence vs. Sex".

Dr. Smith is known for changing the lives of thousands men and women by transforming and giving real solutions to finding love, keeping love, so relationship seekers achieve successful loving relationships. She engages and serve business owners through Inspiring Powerful Speaking, Love Coaching, Wealth Coach, conferences and media.

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