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  • Bachelors of Science in Social Work
  • Master of Science in Counseling
  • PhD in Human Services (3rd yr)

Purpose Planners (ROADMAP TO LIFE!)

Specializes in Relationship counseling,Life coaching

Certified Coach: Bringing Hope & Proven Results!

Purpose Planners provides coaching, counseling, and conflict resolution services in both a virtual and physical office setting. Through a combination of techniques our clients are helped to overcome critical barriers and discover the infinite possibilities that exist in life. Teyonna is a proven coach who uses a combination of natural gifts, rapport, trust, empathy, honesty, and powerful soul searching techniques that help you to discover where your greatest barriers exist. With over 15 years of counseling / coaching experience and a plethora of life experience your coach will be able to effectively help you break the chains holding you back. Using a combination of counseling and coaching we can discover the root issues, work together to solidify effective coping skills, and identify a plan to move your life forward. Ultimately, the goal is to empower the client to take charge of their life and teach them the skills needed to accomplish their goals.

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    Goal Setter

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    Purpose Planning

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