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Fred D Hicks Jr

Specializes in Financial Consulting

CEO | Entrepreneur | Business Consultant

A successful businessman, entrepreneur, and 20 year retired US Marine veteran. After retiring, Fred was employed by three Fortune 500 Department of Defense Contractors overseeing several multimillion dollar projects as well working collaboratively in team environments. As a 2x combat veteran, Mr. Hicks understands that leadership is vital to the success of any organization.

In 2004, Fred launched his first business in real estate which failed miserably. He realized he had the wrong motive and wrong team. However, he learned from his mistakes, educated himself, surrounded himself with like-minded people, and achieved greater success. He is passionate about education, leadership, and entrepreneurhip.

Personal Mission Statement

Help everyone everywhere discover their Calling, Passion, and Purpose (CPP), do it with excellence, and live a legendary life. Fred accomplishes his CPP via life coaching, business mentoring, and helping young adults discover their entrepreneurial niche.

Latest Venture


7FN is comprised of a global network of successful entrepreneurs dedicated to helping individuals and families live better lives by working smarter. Their 10 year global initiative is to create 1 million NEW 7 Figure Income Earners (7FIE) by 2026.

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